Integrating your form

To get started, you should already have the following:

  • An HTML form on your site
  • A Postform account

Generate Postform endpoint

To generate an endpoint, add a new form by clicking the "Add Form" button on the My Forms page. This will open a dialog prompting you to enter a name for your form. This name is just used within Postform's dashboard for you to identify your form and not displayed publicly.

Add Form

After adding your form, you will be redirected to a page with instructions to integrate. Here, you can copy the unique endpoint generated for your form:

Copy Form Endpoint

Integrate your HTML form

Now that you've copied the the endpoint, you can set it as the action attribute value in your HTML form:

<form action="" method="POST"></form>

Make sure all your form elements (input, select, textarea) have a name attribute! If they do not, it's value will not be saved.

Test it out

Submit your form and check the following:

  • You see your submission in the Submissions tab and it contains all the fields and values you entered
  • Any plugins you've enabled are working as expected
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