What is Postform

Postform is an HTML form processing service. Design and develop your front-end form using any HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you prefer. Simply set your form's action attribute to a Postform generated endpoint to let us process and save form data when your form is submitted. Beyond just saving form data, you can configure Plugins to trigger other actions each time your form is submitted.

How it works

A unique HTTP endpoint is generated for each of your HTML forms. Use this endpoint as the form's action value:

<form action="https://postform.com/s/FORM_ID" method="POST">
    Add your form elements such as input, select, textarea, etc.
    Don't forget to set the "name" attribute!

When a user submits the form on your site, Postform's endpoint will save the submitted data in our database. Using our dashboard, you can easily view, filter, and export your form's submission data at any time.

Example use-cases

  • Static or JAMstack sites - Don't have a server or database? Postform was created specifically to solve this problem!
  • WordPress - In addition to collecting form submissions, leverage the automation capabilities of Postform that might not be available through WordPress plugins.
  • Any site with an HTML form! - Postform does not impose any limitations on how your front-end is developed. If you have an HTML form, you can use Postform.
  • Any site without an HTML form?! - Make AJAX calls to store any data you want in Postform!
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