Google Sheets

Manage, analyze, and share form submissions using Google Sheets, spreadsheets stored online in Google Drive. This plugin will create a new spreadsheet for your form and add a new row each time your form is submitted.

The spreadsheet will consist of the following:

  • Two sheets will be created. "Inbox" for non-spam submissions and "Spam" for spam submissions.
  • Header row containing field names from your HTML form. In the future, if you add new fields to your form, the header row will be automatically updated to contain the new fields. If you delete fields in your form, they will remain in the spreadsheet.

Google Sheets

Plugin configuration

Start by connecting your Google account by clicking the "Connect Google Account" button:

Connect Google Account

This will open a pop-up that will prompt you to sign in with your Google account, and authorize Postform to create a file in your Google Drive and make future updates to the created file:

Google OAuth2 Pop-up

Once authorized, Postform will automatically create a new spreadsheet for your form and provide the link to it:

Google Sheets Link

That's it! Go test it out by submitting your form and a new row will be appended to the sheet instantly.

Spreadsheet Do's and Don'ts

  • Do add new columns
  • Do reorder columns
  • Don't change column header values for columns added by this plugin. The column header values are matched to an input name in your HTML form.
  • Do change submission data
  • Do change the titles of the "Inbox" and "Spam" sheets
  • Don't delete the Inbox and Spam sheets
  • Do change the spreadsheet file name
  • Do move the spreadsheet to another folder
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