Notion is a powerful tool to manage content. This plugin will add a new page/row to the Notion database of your choice when a submission is received.

Plugin configuration

Start by connecting your Notion account by clicking the "Connect Notion Account" button.

Connect Notion Account

This will open a pop-up that will prompt you to sign in with your Notion account and authorize Postform to programmatically access your account.

Notion OAuth2 Pop-up

Finish the authorization process by selecting the pages you want to give Postform access. You only need to select the page that is the database:

Notion OAuth2 Pop-up Select Pages

Once authorized, you will be returned to Postform. Select the database where submissions should be added:

Select Database and Map Properties

After selecting a database, you will see a list of all the properties of the database. Here, you need to map the input name attributes of your HTML form to the Notion database properties.

Select Database and Map Properties

Given the configuration above, here's an example of what the HTML form might look like:

<form action="" method="POST">
  <input name="name" />
  <input name="email" />
  <select name="type">
    <option value="Bug Report">Bug Report</option>
    <option value="Question">Question</option>
  <textarea name="description"></textarea>

When the form is submitted, it will instantly appear in the Notion database:

Notion Demo

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