Submit Redirect

By default, when a user submits your form, they will be redirected to Postform's thank you page. You can change this behavior by specifying a custom redirect. Use this to improve the user experience for your users by keeping them on your site after submitting the form.

Plugin configuration

You can configure a static redirect and/or a dynamic redirect. If both are configured, the dynamic redirect will take precedent.

Static redirect

Set the static redirect URL to replace Postform's default redirect to the thank you page.

Dynamic redirect

To dynamically redirect the user, set the redirect URL in a form input. Using the following form as an example:

<form action="" method="POST">
  <input type="hidden" name="redirectTo" value="" />

The plugin can be configured to use value of the redirectTo input as the redirect URL:

Dynamic Redirect Configuration

If the input value is not a valid URL, the plugin will fallback to the static redirect URL if configured, otherwise Postform's thank you page.

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