Twilio SMS Notification

Sends a text message each time your form is submitted using Twilio SMS. This is commonly used for instant lead alerting. For example, notifying your sales team each time a potential customer submits an inquiry.

Plugin configuration

We will use the following form as an example:

<form action="" method="POST">
  <input type="tel" name="phoneNumber" required />
  <textarea name="message" required></textarea>

First, copy your Account SID, Auth Token, and phone number from the Twilio Console and paste them into the "Account SID", "Auth Token", and "From Phone Number" fields respectively:

Configure Plugin

Next, enter the phone number that should receive the text message in the "To Phone Number" configuration field.

Lastly, we need to craft the content for the text message using the "Message Template" configuration field. You can use Handlebars syntax to include any value from the form submission. In the example configuration above, you can see that we are including the value of the phoneNumber and message fields in the text message.

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